Archimedes launches to focus on Web 2.0 opportunities

Archimedes Ventures LLC is a partnership specializing in the development of companies focused on Web 2.0 technologies and solutions. We are looking to develop companies that take advantage of the way Web 2.0 has changed the architecture of the Internet from a passive publish and read web into a two way web. These companies will generally have answers to questions like “How does Web 2.0 change the way _______ will be done?” See the “Our focus” section for more information. TechCrunch is our Web 2.0 blog for tracking developments in the space.

What we do?

Archimedes Ventures incubates companies from the ideas stage, to development of prototypes and through to launch of working services. It typically takes a company to its ‘A’ round phase, or – if it is appropriate – it’s sale.

At the ‘A’ round stage, along with other investors, Archimedes Capital takes the lead in the next phase in the life of the company.

We develop most of our ideas in house, however we do consider partnering with entrepreneurs who have very early stage ideas. We work with these entrepreneurs as partners in exchange for equity in the company.

We also consult to early stage companies on product strategies, go to market strategies, business development, mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance issues.