The Founders Couch

All founders need a shrink… I know, I have been a founder many times and it doesn’t get any easier to figure out who is blowing smoke and who is giving sound advice….And even though you are Superman to your team, you know you are mortal.

So… in the past few weeks I have started offering up a service called “The Founders Couch”. It has proven to be wildly popular.

What is the Founders Couch? Well, it depends. For some it is a mentoring session, 1 on 1, with the founder and myself. For others it has involved bringing in the whole team. It focuses on your core issues around your company or your product. Those can be funding strategy, partnerships, technical issues, design issues, features, virality, market focus or anything else, so long as they are your core issues.

If you are interested ping me on email.