M.dot joins the Archimedes Labs family.

We are pleased to announce that after a series of dates we have decided to become betrothed to M.dot (pronounced em dot). Archimedes has invested in the company. The funding closed on Friday July 6th.

Terms of the investment are not being disclosed.

M.dot’s vision is that all businesses can be Mobile accessible and discoverable. The platform allows businesses to create, maintain and promote their mobile presence, all from a smart phone app. In many ways M.dot is similar to the web creation and hosting companies that have served individuals, small and medium businesses and other groups during the web’s growth era from the mid 1990s to today. M.dot’s difference is that it is completely mobile-first without any legacy complications and is entirely focused on providing a mobile presence and mobile specific features such as location awareness and “click-to-call” functionality to these same customer segments.

“I believe everybody with a WWW.dot will want an M.dot in the next several years”,

said M.dot CEO Dominik Balogh.

“Companies will want to take advantage of Mobile specific features and so will want to do much more than simply re-represent their existing web site to a mobile user. We are committed to an aggressive roadmap that will support customer needs in delivering those Mobile specific features.”

Dominik is joined by co-founder Pavel Serbajlo. Pavel is an engineer by background, and Dominik is a designer and user interface developer.

They have developed the M.dot platform following a successful partnership with their prior company PoweryBase.

Keith Teare led Archimedes Labs partnership with the founders and our investment in the company. He is a veteran of the Internet’s web era, responsible for major UK network and services provider EasyNet and also an early investor in NetNames (Now part of
Peer One)
. Keith said:

“The Internet is moving rapidly from the WWW phase to the M.dot phase. Small and medium businesses, and individuals too, will need to have a strong mobile presence. M.dot’s platform is second to none in giving that. We are proud to be shareholders”

Said Keith.

“the M.dot IOS app is a real breakthrough in power and simplicity. It will be in the App Store later this year.”




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