xTV launches Network Builder and receives funding

We are excited to be partnering with xTV as the first investor in their new funding.

xTV is a business to business platform enabling any owner of video assets to create their own branded TV Network, with an always on, 24/7 presence. The Network leverages both on-demand and live programming by integrating YouTube and other video sources, Ustream, LiveStream and other live sources, and feeds, such as a Twitter feed. The end result is a Computer, Big Screen or mobile viewing experience. A mobile device also has “second screen” capabilities.



xTV has set up several experimental networks, including one for TechCrunch TV (which I originally set up). I have to say that the ability to watch TCTV on a big screen (say in a lobby) or at home whilst working, makes me see a lot more of the content that I otherwise would. It also screams out for more real time content from TCTV. I can’t wait for the editors to make video production a matter of reflex every time they write a story. Perhaps interviewing the person via Skype along with their written notes. A regular news show would also sit well with me.

As we move to a world of connected TV’s, set top boxes and other “Over the Top” delivery mechanisms, those who invest in video content, especially live content available on-demand too, will reap the rewards as audiences grow and distribution expands. xTv is a great set of tools to begin the work of moving into this space. It adds brand coherence to otherwise dispersed video assets, whilst improving discoverability, watchability and engagement.


You can check out the experimental Networks at http://xtv-inc.com

Or tune into TechCrunch TV at http://techx.tv