Leaderboard of US Micro VCs

See below for a ranked leaderboard of US Micro VC’s.

You can organize it by City, or just see the ranked list. I began working on this idea as far back as 2014. It is based on 10 years of funding data (probably incomplete) and only looks at funding into companies that reached a valuation of $500m or more.

The complete data set includes ranking for all finds globally, no matter the size. But this table is cross references with Samir Kaji’s list of Micro VCs in the USA, and so is only ranking funds that appear on his list.

The criteria for scoring is my algorithm, but it is based on a look-back through the data to score Micro VCs that successfully invested early into companies that went on to be highly valued. So it biases to stage of entry, and outcome. The earlier the better, into winners.

Subscribers can get access to the entire data set (10 years worth of funding events with associated scoring). Plus additional Data Sets like a leaderboard of Angel Investors (global, ranked)

Subscribing is free.

Credit: Crunchbase data used to provide underlying funding data enabling us to score the funds