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  • Scraping and Stealing?

    I have posted an essay on my personal blog covering this weekends controversy about scraping and stealing content.

  • Google launches Dbase, circa 1985, but with less functionality

    Google launched GoogleBase last night. What a disappointment. Whilst Google Reader clearly points to somebody at Google “getting” the importance of edge published content and real-time indexing, GoogleBase is a throw back. Basically a dumb flat-file database system for the world to throw content into. It’s actually embarrasing for the whole of Silicon Valley. I…

  • Microsoft’s Reorganization and Web 2.0

    Microsoft announced a major reorganization this week. the crux of the reorg seems to be that the MSN and Windows divisions are being unified, and as part of this Jim Allchin is retiring. A new “Platform Products and Services Division” is the result. It will be led by Kevin Johnson once Allchin retires. There will…