What We Do

We exist to enable ideas to be born, and prosper. Since our founding in 2005 to our most recent initiatives, we have striven to provide a platform where the best ideas and founders can come together and thrive.

archimedes.studio works with startup founders to help establish the foundations for significant business success and associated fund raises.

We work with carefully selected companies that are capable of growing a large business relatively quickly.

Our model is close to that of a typical venture fund in that we only work with a limited number of companies at any given time. We seek ownership in the company through an instrument called a triggered warrant. We have a page describing the instrument, but in short, it means we do not get to buy equity unless the company achieves certain milestones during our engagement. The milestones are the consequence of our work which includes the following:

  • Building a clear model of the unit economics of the business at scale. This is not a forecast or a plan, but a pro-forma view of the opportunity.
  • Building the narrative that supports the model – this can be an executive summary or a deck or both.
  • Teaching the founding team to tell the story enshrined within the model and the narrative

In order to be successful in this journey it has to be an ongoing commitment to developing the model and the narrative over successive rounds of funding. It involves clarity around the product, pricing, sales, go to market and much besides. The warrant is typically only triggered after two or more rounds when significant goals have been achieved.

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